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Brendan Krick is a small man who is not allowed to drink alcohol anymore. The Wall Street Journal recently called him, "a comedian." He has been performing since 2011, when he made his debut in his home state of Pennsylvania. In 2017, he was a semi-finalist in Helium's Philly's Phunniest competition, as well as a finalist in the Cleveland Comedy Festival. He recently moved to Los Angeles.

In 2016, Brendan starred in the horror-comedy film The Backpage, which earned him several award nominations, including a win for Best Actor in a Short Film at the Alamo Drafthouse 2017 GenreBlast Film Festival.

Brendan is a writer for the punk satire website The Hard Times. His jokes have been featured on and Funny or Die.


"Krick is hilarious in his role of the hapless goofball..." - Matt Boiselle, Dread Central