Tastemaker: “1” by The Beatles

We sent Brendan Krick deep underground to find out what’s about to blow up in the world of music. This month, he’s uncovered the oft-overlooked greatest hits album, 1,  by virtually unknown band The Beatles.

What can I say about The Beatles? The dictionary defines music as, “vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.” I think we can all agree that The Beatles is a band that plays music, but is it any good? I dug up what I assume is their debut album and listened to the 30 second previews of the songs on iTunes to find out.

The album starts off with “Love Me Do,” a British Invasion throwback reminiscent of bands like The Monkees. Despite being derivative, it is the kind of tight and catchy number that makes you want to smile naturally and tap your foot, like a music fan. If someone walked into your office and saw you standing in the middle of the room with headphones on, staring vacantly, they would never guess you were listening to this song, because it’s just that good. When they say “do” in the lyrics, does that mean sex? That is for the listener to decide.

Next up, “From Me to You,” which is the album’s shortest song at 1:55. You should listen to this one first in case you don’t like The Beatles, then you haven’t wasted much time. I should mention that this and the other first couple songs are in mono, so you might want to skip right past them or spin the pan knob in your car back and forth while you listen so you don’t get bored.

“All You Need is Love” is another stand-out track, which I found incredibly offensive for implying that love is not only possible for everyone, but necessary. As a former incel and current volcel, I found this to be an ableist message that stigmatizes those of us who are unable or unwilling to have sex. Hey, The Beatles, how about I don’t pick up a guitar and you guys stay out of politics!

The most impressive part of this album is that in the span of only 27 songs, The Beatle Boys cover a breadth of sound most artists would take an entire career to achieve. They start with raw garage rock songs, and finish with glossy, polished ballads. The way they accomplished this is astounding. The band spent over eight years making the album, working with many producers and utilizing dozens of recording spaces. In the end, they were left with 275 songs, most of which they just threw away.

What we are left with on the record is 27 tracks of unadulterated music. We may never know what the rest of the songs sound like, because they were all destroyed forever, but based on what they decided to release, I for one cannot wait for The Beatles’ sophomore release, 2!